Why is Košice worth the visit?
Proč navštívit Košice

Why is Košice worth the visit?

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia and a natural centre of the Eastern Slovakian region. It is a seat of the Slovak Constitutional and many other political, religious, and cultural institutions. Furthermore, it is a home to Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and the Technical University. The highest building in the city is the University Hospital built in 1979 in Trieda SNP reaching the height of 83 meters. In Košice, you can also find the State Theatre, Košice State Philharmonic, the Slovak Technical Museum, the East Slovak Gallery, and the State Scientific Library.

Places of Interest

Most of the historically valuable buildings are concentrated in Hlavná ulica, which is 1200 meters long. You can find there more historical sites than anywhere else in the entire city. In about a half of the street, there is a street island housing St. Michael’s Chapel, St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, Urban Tower, the State Theatre, and Plague’s Column dedicated to Virgin Mary. Right opposite the theatre, there is Levoča House from the 15th century, which served as a tavern for merchants from Levoča. In the historical centre of the city several churches can be found. Initially the Jesuit Church from 1671 to 1681, the Church of the Holy Trinity is an example of Baroque architecture with stone façade and two towers. Another church is St. Anthony of Padua Church, which was initially part of the Franciscan monastery from the 14th century. Also Mikluš Prison situated behind Levoča House can be included among the historical sites as well as the nearby standing Executioner’s Bastion and pompous Jacob’s Palace in Mlýnská street standing close to the Main railway station and which once served as a residence of President Beneš in 1945.

Surroundings of Košice

To reach the city itself, you can take a train or even a plane as there is a public civilian airport for both domestic and international flights. You can spend a pleasant holiday in Košice, combining the city tours with daily trips to the city’s surroundings. Attractive family tourist destinations include:

  • castles – Slanec castle, Turnianský, Šarišský, Kapušianský, or Vinné castles,
  • Dukla – along the way to the Memorial and Cemetry of the Czechoslovak Army, there are numerous exhibits of weapons, and you can also pop in the open-air army museum in Svidník. In this town, there is also an open-air folk museum,
  • Opal mine Dubnik with its 800-metres long, guided tour section for which you get the traditional mining clothes and a torch,
  • Sea Eye lake in the Vihorlat Mountains with its incredibly clean water and nice walk around,
  • Herlany – famous geyser spouting from the underground.

Recreational use

You can relax your tired body in Košice recreational centre with a swimming area consisting of a number of swimming pools with water temperature of 26-30° C. In this area, there is a lot of attractions, beach volleyball courts, or football pits. You can also borrow a bicycle or even a boat and take ride along one of the arms of the Hornád River or go fishing.

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