Welcome to the neighboring metropolis
Dostupné ubytování v hotelu Berlín

Welcome to the neighboring metropolis

It is definitely worth the visit for every tourist and not only because it is a historic memorial of the Second World War, but also due to its fantastic shopping opportunities and many social events. Will you give a chance to this prospering metropolis?

Accommodations are a breeze

Since Berlin is located relatively near German’s border, it is therefore well accessible from the Czech Republic. You do not need to fly, all you need to do is to sit down in a car and in a few hours you can enjoy the beauties of this town. Transportation is not an issue then. The same applies to accommodations, affordable accommodations in a Berlin hotel can be purchased for next to nothing. Thus, there is nothing preventing you from taking a pleasant trip to our neighbors, directly to this metropolis.

Disastrous past, blossoming future

As you surely remember from history lessons, Berlin following the Second World War was not in an easy situation. In August of 1961 the city was split into two parts, one was under the influence of the US, and the other was under USSR. Life in the city has changed once and forever. This city was constrained by an unpleasant, for many even deadly, wall for unbelievable 28 years, before it was finally destroyed in 1998. Today as a tourist you can see the symbol of the Berlin Wall and go back in time. It is the most important monument in Berlin, which you cannot skip.

City, where culture comes alive

Away from the unfortunate past, go and visit some prominent Berlin places of culture instead. The city definitely offers a great variety to choose from:

  • State, Komische or German opera of Berlin for art lovers
  • Important zoo with a recognized aquarium
  • Egyptian Museum for history fans, it has an original statue of the Egyptian Nefertiti on display
  • Come and see the Golden Bear Awards ceremony at the Berlin film festival

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