Scottish paradise for all tourists – St Andrews
Dostupné ubytování v hotelu St Andrews

Scottish paradise for all tourists – St Andrews

It is an excellent university city, which has also become famous through its golf tournament, which was established in 1754. Those, that find their way to this city, will be charmed by the overall image of this gorgeous Scottish city.

Golf, or study?

And since St Andrews is historically tied to mostly the sport of golf as well as education, then you should know that these are the two main topics that you will encounter every step of your way. After all, these are important factors that were able to impact this small city. You can therefore look forward to plenty of students, but what more, gorgeous golf courses, which will not want to let you go back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, those that do not thrive in the nightlife, or golf, but do want to get to know a bit of the culture and history, should not forget these significant buildings:

  • Holy Trinity Church Hall from 1112
  • Ruins of Castle from 1200
  • Cathedrals from the 12th century with as Roman monolith, Tower St. Rule’s
  • First Scottish University from the 15th century
  • Blackfriars (Dominican friary)

Besides numerous monuments, another great advantage compared to some other British or even European cities in general is also affordable accommodations at the St. Andrews hotels. Thanks to this the beautiful Scottish city is truly open to all people interested in getting to know this gorgeous area, who enjoy spending time even in smaller cities. Therefore find yourself the required free time, pack up and head for Scotland! St Andrews is definitely a city that deserves a stay of more than one day. You will get to see not only beautiful landmarks, but also many lovely people. St Andrews is thus an excellent place where you can get re energized, but also a place where you will enjoy hours of perfect golf, which can, which on the contrary can take all the new energy out of you.

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