San Marino, the undiscovered treasure of Italy.
San Marino, neobjevený poklad Itálie.

San Marino, the undiscovered treasure of Italy.

San Marino is the smallest state in the world and one of the least visited countries in entire Western Europe. Reason? Most people do not even know it exists!

Interesting facts

This state is as old as time itself. Since its foundation in the year 301, it has been enjoying the continuous independence, which has overcome even events such as Barbarian invasion, Napoleonic wars, or Italian unification. What is more, its citizens are appropriately proud of this.

Being home to more than 100 unique sculptures, San Marino is also the state of art. The most famous of them all, the Statue of Liberty, stands in front of the town hall and its crown is decorated with three typical towers.

Another interesting fact is that San Marino is rich yet not expensive country. Taking into consideration that GDP of this country matches the level of the developed countries, it can be expected that the local prices should also be high. To our surprise, the prices of food and traffic are in fact very low. For example, the bus ride from Rimini to San Marino costs EUR 4.5 while a scoop of ice-cream as well as a slice of pizza costs you a euro.

In this city state you can find a lot of interesting museums. There is a permanent exhibition of the traditional art and culture in the Old Town Hall. Vintage cars museum (Maranello Rosso) presents an exhibition of various models from old veterans to modern F1s. The typical is also the Wax Museum or a coins and stamps museum (Euromuseumcoins). Those of you who enjoy being scared surely appreciate the Museum of Torture or the Museum of Vampires with the exhibition of horror and science fiction creatures.

Tourist attractions

The most visited tourist attraction are those already mentioned fortress towers standing on Monte Titano Mountain. This symbol of San Marino can be found on the state flag as well as its coat of arms. Another interesting place is Piazza della Liberta, the main San Marino’s square. The historical centre of the city itself with its crooked stone streets is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Architecture lovers should by no means miss the visit to the Capuchin church from the 16th century or the charming San Pietro church.

Wine and other alcohol types lovers cannot leave San Marino without visiting one of the local stores and enjoying it with tasting. All types of alcohol ranging from wine to liquors can be obtained for very reasonable prices.

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