Paradise for all football fanatics – Manchester, England
Dostupné ubytování v hotelu Manchester

Paradise for all football fanatics – Manchester, England

Those interested in history will know Manchester as a significant city that took part in the industrial revolution. However, the traditional tourist will come to this city to see all sorts of interesting things. And Manchester has a lot to offer. It offers center of arts, media industry, college education and business, which brings with it many interesting buildings and overall sights to see.

Buy name brand clothes or watch football

No matter if you are a man or a woman; this city will not leave you bored. Thanks to the presence of international football, as well as a major shopping center, which is renowned across England, everyone will find their own here. However, when it comes to historic landmarks, or better yet the city center, don’t worry about having to travel far. The center itself can actually be easily traveled on foot, which will be mainly appreciated by lovers of pleasant walks.

For learning and work

Young, but also bold older people, come here in great numbers to work. All of this thanks to a wonderful commuter transportation, which includes the ground, air, as well as sea transportation. As far transportation, there is definitely nothing to worry about. And if you find affordable accommodations in Hotel Manchester, your dreams of a nice job in a large English city will become a reality. In case you should decide to really come to this town, you should not forget the following points of interest:

  • Etihad and Old Trafford Stadiums
  • Manchester Museum
  • Theater The Lowry
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • Chinatown (largest in Britain)
  • Countless number of canals and mills

As you can see, the list of sites is truly extensive and it is not even close to being complete. Do not hesitate then to experience Manchester in person, it is definitely worth it.

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