You can never get tired of Magical Amsterdam

Kouzelný Amsterdam

The unique architecture, typical canals referred to as grachts, old-time atmosphere, and of course bicycles. All this and so much more can be found and enjoyed in Amsterdam, the Capital of the Netherlands. It may not be as large as, for example, Berlin or Paris, but you will definitely have lots of fun there. Read More »

Verona: the City of Love and Romance

Verona: město lásky a romantiky

Situated about two hours from busy Milano and tourist-packed Venice, Verona presents a welcoming blast of authentic Italy. Made famous by Shakespeare work, this city is the fourth most visited in Italy. The locals are astonished by the fact that about 1600 groups of Japanese tourists come here annually only to stand for a while in the courtyard in front of Juliet's house. The romantic courtyard, where the real Capulet family once lived, is a sight on its own indeed. The visitors find themselves touching the finger of the bronze statue of Juliet pinning their hopes to be lucky in love. Read More »

Palermo: Get the feel of the authentic southern European ambience


Palermo, the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily, is one of the cities that boast very distinct ambience with the reality often exceeding imagination and rooted stereotypes. It is a Mediterranean centre full of the typical southern hustle and bustle. Visiting Palermo can often turn out to be a great adventure as it is definitely not one of those cities that would conform to tourist expectations at any cost. Quite contrary, it keeps its distinctive character. Read More »