Let yourself be charmed by romantic Paris
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Let yourself be charmed by romantic Paris

It is a fact that this city has something to offer not only to flirting couples, but also fans of history, good wine, luxury stores and indescribable atmosphere.

Get accommodated and set off on your journey

Affordable accommodations in Paris hotel can be purchased for a few Euros; therefore the question of where you’re going to stay the night is fully answered. As soon as you resolve transportation, you can start planning your stay in this city, which has inspired not only the common folk, but also many film directors and artists. Where to go in this city?

  • See the landmarks – you can start with the dominant of Paris, the Eiffel tower. Furthermore you will be charmed by Notre Dame, Les Invalides, the burial site of Napoleon, Pont Neuf or the Centre Georges Pompidou. You must not pass up the place where lovers meet, that is the Montmartre. The Sacré-Cœur Basilica will literary enchant you.
  • Taste the local specialties – When you say Paris, then besides landmarks, good food should come to your mind as well. Enjoy local high quality cheeses, renowned wines and/or typical croissants or baguettes.
  • Shop for world brands – Where else can you buy products from major world brands, then in this city of fashion? Have a blast shopping at Le Bon Marché, BHV and/or Vintage Clothing Paris. Just be careful that you do not have an overweight luggage on your way back, because the selection is attractive and prices are even more so…

Metropolis at your fingertips

Experience Paris in person It is hard to describe the atmosphere in the city, if you have not experienced it in person. You can be sure that you will fall in love with it, just as millions of other tourists each year, who flow here from all around the world. Why not take advantage of the near proximity as well as the affordable accommodations?

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