How to identify fake hotel reviews?
Jak poznat falešné recenze hotelů?

How to identify fake hotel reviews?

Do you trust hotel reviews that you read online? Research has shown that one of the top seven hotels and tourist destinations shows obvious signs of fake reviews to push them to the top of the list of favourite places to stay. Many guests are subsequently disappointed and deceived, but only few demand compensation. This is what the hotel owners and operators rely on to “improve” their reviews.

Unfortunately, recognizing a true and false review is not easy, yet there are a few features that will reveal a false review.

Pay attention to the language

According to a study by Cornell University on this matter, fake reviews focus more on experience and use a lot of exaggerated language: “The rooms were ALWAYS clean! I highly recommend this hotel! ” The reason they focus on experiences, says the study, is that nothing about the hotel itself contributed to the review. They may not even have visited the property they “review”.

Good hotel reviews mention a lot of specifics about real estate because they were written by people who were there and know what other readers want to know.

Find a trusted source

Not all hotel review sites remove controversial reviews or hide information. One way to tell if a site is trustworthy is by comparator. If the hotel you are studying has a glowing property review that is generally scrolled on all other sites, there is a good chance that you have come across a review site that does not remove fake reviews as they should.

Another way to find a trustworthy source is to skip third parties that merely collect reviews without first reviewing them and opt for a site where they are really interested in tourism, finding all the great places in the world, and directing them to readers.

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