First minute trip – reward for early holiday purchase!

First minute trip – reward for early holiday purchase!

First minute tours are not so well known in the Czech Republic yet, although their popularity has been growing since 2008. In a sense, this is the exact opposite of last minute tours. This phrase comes from English and is translated as the first goal, the first moment.

Certainly each of you, after the introductory words, think of what it is. First minute vacation is used as an indication for early vacation purchase, for which travel agencies reward you with a pleasantly low price package. Travel agencies publish their first minute tours well in advance, because they want to maximize the capacity of the tours already at the beginning of the season to avoid cancellation fees. This, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the First minute trip

  • With travel agencies releasing these tours in advance, discounts range from 20 to 70 percent.
  • You can choose tours from the widest possible offer.
  • There is the possibility to buy a trip for larger groups, the offer will also enjoy travellers with specific and more demanding requirements.
  • Low deposit, starting at 1000, – CZK per person. You don’t tie your finances anywhere.

Cons First minute trip

  • The start of the trip is far away, it is necessary to plan the date well. There is also the uncertainty that something can happen until then.
  • Not suitable for everyone. If you are not able to book your holiday in advance, be sure not to use First minute but Last minute services, whose offer can be found HERE.
  • Some tour operators require the full amount to be paid.

The benefits of these types of tours are undeniable for a large number of people, so the importance and popularity of First minute tours is growing every year in a rocket fashion. There is no specific legal interpretation for First minute tours and therefore the same rules apply as for standard tours. Therefore, for anyone who buys a First minute trip, he has the same rights as a person who buys a classic trip.

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