Discover the charm of Timișoara
Objevte kouzlo Temešváru

Discover the charm of Timișoara

This charming, most cosmopolitan Romanian city lies in the western part of the country in the Banat region, which is known for its Czech community. Their ancestors came here in the 19th century, founded 6 villages, and these Romanian Czechs have been living the traditional life in the middle of untouched nature since then holding to the traditions you would not be able to come across in the Czech Republic anymore.

Historical sites

You will be impressed by the iconic historical touch of the local architecture, which is really diverse. Your attention will be primarily caught by the numerous synagogues. The only one still functioning can be found in the city centre only a few steps from the sanctuaries of several other churches. In the Union Square, a Roman Catholic and a Serbian Orthodox cathedral face each other. The Romanian Orthodox cathedral stands in the Victory Square. It was built in the 1930’s and is attractive for its picturesque combination of the traditional Moldavian and Byzantine architectural features. However, the newer history of the cathedral does not look that picturesque since it has become one of the symbols of the bloody fall of communism in Romania commemorating the December 1989 army shooting at its stairway leaving dozens of unarmed protesting civilians dead. It was right here in Timișoara where the Romanian revolution began.

Remembrance of the past

If you walk among the baroque palaces originating in the Austrian-Hungarian period, you will feel like in Vienna or Budapest. The only difference is that the buildings in Timișoara are one floor lower because the provinces were not allowed to compete in the beauty contest with the capital cities within the monarchy. Timișoara is interesting for its typical attic windows set in the roofs of the local houses resembling eyes, and thus earning them this nickname. The narrow crooked streets in the Lower town winding along old houses catch you up in pure magic. The oldest structure in Timișoara is the Huniade Castle currently housing a museum.

Gastronomy and wine

Once you have enough of walking, visit the Wine not? Wine bar in the Coroana Square where you can enjoy delicious Transylvanian red wines offered to you by English speaking waiting staff. The magic of Timișoarian cuisine may be best explored via street food vendors. In one place you can find Serbian and Romanianized version of pljeskavica, Hungarian inspired bryndza-filled langos in Romanian style, and bakeries everywhere selling the typical pretzels, sticks, donuts as well as sweet and salty pockets.

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