Hotel Český Krumlov – gate of the Bohemian Forest

Hotel Český Krumlov – brána Šumavy

If you go to South Bohemia, definitely plan a visit to Český Krumlov. This tourist and cultural centre is situated under the ridge of Blanský les and the longest Czech river Vltava flows through it. The medieval centre is not only an urban conservation area, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With other towns of the Šumava foothills it is called the Gate of Šumava. Read More »

Where to go this weekend in Prague

Kam na výlet tento víkend v Praze

It is possible to spend a fabulous weekend in the capital in various ways. It depends on each individual's priorities as well as on finding the balance between the interests of all family members, if you happen to take the whole family with you to Prague. Prague is definitely a city to cater all tastes, offering historical sights, cultural events, and entertainment. Read More »

Beautiful city of Salamanca boasts not only its architecture


Salamanca is a Spanish university city located near Madrid. It is also the capital of the homonymous province within the autonomous region of Castile and Leon. Not only being the home to the oldest university in Spain, Salamanca is also a cultural and tourist centre, which saw its most significant expansion no sooner than in the 16th century. It is exactly this period when numerous of Salamanca's historical sites such as the local cathedral and Convent of St. Stephen, among others, were built. Read More »

Discover the charm of Timișoara

Objevte kouzlo Temešváru

This charming, most cosmopolitan Romanian city lies in the western part of the country in the Banat region, which is known for its Czech community. Their ancestors came here in the 19th century, founded 6 villages, and these Romanian Czechs have been living the traditional life in the middle of untouched nature since then holding to the traditions you would not be able to come across in the Czech Republic anymore. Read More »

Why is Košice worth the visit?

Proč navštívit Košice?

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia and a natural centre of the Eastern Slovakian region. It is a seat of the Slovak Constitutional and many other political, religious, and cultural institutions. Furthermore, it is a home to Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and the Technical University. The highest building in the city is the University Hospital built in 1979 in Trieda SNP reaching the height of 83 meters. In Košice, you can also find the State Theatre, Košice State Philharmonic, the Slovak Technical Museum, the East Slovak Gallery, and the State Scientific Library. Read More »