Why is Košice worth the visit?

Proč navštívit Košice?

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia and a natural centre of the Eastern Slovakian region. It is a seat of the Slovak Constitutional and many other political, religious, and cultural institutions. Furthermore, it is a home to Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and the Technical University. The highest building in the city is the University Hospital built in 1979 in Trieda SNP reaching the height of 83 meters. In Košice, you can also find the State Theatre, Košice State Philharmonic, the Slovak Technical Museum, the East Slovak Gallery, and the State Scientific Library. Read More »

Beautiful and chic Monte Carlo

Monako, Monte Carlo

Monaco, or officially the Principality of Monaco, is a city-state situated on the Mediterranean coast of France. It consists of four quarters, with Monte Carlo being the most famous one. It is a chic and modern city, which is the seat of the Prince of Monaco. It has probably earned its greatest popularity for its casinos and low taxes, due to which numerous sport as well as cinema celebrities from all over the world have found their residence here. The local Formula One motor races have also become popular, primarily for the city circuit full of dangerous corners. Every spring, the city and its surrounding host the motor racing event known as Monte Carlo Rally. Read More »

You can never get tired of Magical Amsterdam

Kouzelný Amsterdam

The unique architecture, typical canals referred to as grachts, old-time atmosphere, and of course bicycles. All this and so much more can be found and enjoyed in Amsterdam, the Capital of the Netherlands. It may not be as large as, for example, Berlin or Paris, but you will definitely have lots of fun there. Read More »