Beautiful and chic Monte Carlo
Monako, Monte Carlo

Beautiful and chic Monte Carlo

Monaco, or officially the Principality of Monaco, is a city-state situated on the Mediterranean coast of France. It consists of four quarters, with Monte Carlo being the most famous one. It is a chic and modern city, which is the seat of the Prince of Monaco. It has probably earned its greatest popularity for its casinos and low taxes, due to which numerous sport as well as cinema celebrities from all over the world have found their residence here. The local Formula One motor races have also become popular, primarily for the city circuit full of dangerous corners. Every spring, the city and its surrounding host the motor racing event known as Monte Carlo Rally.


The history of Monte Carlo dates back to 1856 when a seaside spa resort with a casino was established here. Imposed by Charles III, Prince of Monaco, in 1860, a new spa resort was built in an area, which was uninhabited up to that time. It was Charles III of Monaco himself the city was renamed after in 1866. Monte Carlo actually translates as Mount Charles. The city gradually expanded due to building luxurious hotels and more casinos, the profits of which grew enormously. The city also became popular among politicians, monarchs as well as artists from all over Europe, who used to spent their money there and therefore Charles III could afford to cancel taxes.

City of Entertainment

Everybody is catered for their needs in Monte Carlo. The local Le Grand Casino is well known not only as a place where gambling reigns. It is the entire building complex where you can also find a theatre, opera, or ballet. In the immediate vicinity, the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix racing track runs as well. The city is also home to many sporting events such as tennis cups, in particular. The AS Monaco Football Club belongs to the best ones in Ligue 1, the French football league. Last but not least, the poker lovers also get their slice of action here.

Tourist attractions

Monte Carlo is not really a place where people go sightseeing. However, there are several places worth visiting. From the architectonical point of view, St. Nicholas Cathedral, bearing also historical significance as a place where monarchs of Monaco were buried, can be considered as one of the most beautiful structures in the area. Tourists most frequently seek the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, which is a complex of buildings built in Renaissance style with rich history dating back as far as the 12th Century. Stretching on the 300 meter-wide Le Rocher rock, the palace comprise of several halls furnished in the chateau style with the Throne Room being the most magnificent one. The palace complex also houses the Napoleon Museum. Feeling like strolling on promenades and admire one of the most luxurious yachts? Then make your way to the picturesque local port.

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